ushenyi, Mbarara and N

of Bunyoro-Kitara▓ kingdom, which was one of the most powerf▓ul kingdoms in East Africa from the 16th to 19th Centuries.On October 25, 1901 the word An▓kole was introduced by British colonial admi

tungamo. The Kin
gdom has been in exi
stence fo▓r the past
600 hundred years, so

it is regard▓

ed as the oldest

kingdom in Ug

▓nistrators to describe the bigger kingdom, which was

anda's histo

formed by adding to the original Nkore, the forme

ry.Catching a

r independent kingdoms of Igara, Sheema, Buhwe▓ju and

  • parts of Mpororo by the signing of t▓he Ankole agreement.Before the abolition of monarchies in Uganda in 1966, Ankole kingdom was ruled by Omugabe "▓King" with supreme powers. The king was entitled to all th▓e titles, dignities, and supremacy that were a▓ttached to his office under the laws and custom▓s of Ankole. A political relationship based on ▓serfdom, slavery, and client ship cease▓d to exist under British rule, and Bairu "Agric

  • ulturalists"▓ became less marginalized and despised.The tw▓o groups retained their separate identities through rules prohibiting intermarriage and, when such marriages occurred, making them invalid.The Hima provided cattle products t▓hat otherwise would not have been available to Iru farmers▓. Since the Hima population was much smaller tha▓n Iru population, gifts and tributes demanded▓ by the Hima could be supplied easily. These f

  • actors probably made Hima-Iru relations tole▓rable, but they were nonetheless reinforced by the superior military organization and train▓ing of the Hima.Marriage and FamilyI▓n Ankole Kingdom, by the time girls turned eigh▓t or nine, particularly among the Bah▓ima "herds men," preparations for marriage began. They were no longer free to run and play without discipline. Girls were mostly kep▓t indoors, where they ate beef and millet porridge


and were forced to drink milk in lar▓ge quantities so they would become fat.Being fat is associated with beauty and drinking milk is believed to contribute to one's beauty. As soon as a girl's br

easts emerge, she is warned by her parents to abstain from sexual activitie▓s.

Pregnancy outside marriage was punished by death or▓ expulsion from the home.A Mu

nyankole father, occasionally ▓assisted by his relatives, is obliged to get a▓ w

ife for his son by paying the required bride-wea▓lth, which consists of two cows,

th▓ree goats, and some pots of beer among Bairu "Agriculturalists", among Bahi

ma "herdsmen" it may▓ range from two to twenty cows, depending on how wealthy ▓a

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